Try Before You Buy

Not sure if you will love motorhoming? 
Not sure what layout will be best for you?
Will the kids love it?
Will it fit on the drive?
Will I be able to drive it?
Will we use it enough?

All great questions and we get many more.  So, why not actually answer some of them with a try before you buy!  It's simple.  Book a motorhome for a hire holiday from our partner company at Motorhome Holiday Company and if you buy from us within 6 weeks of the hire we will discount the hire from your purchase.  A free Try Before You Buy! Simple.

Some simple terms apply such as we ask that you buy within 6 weeks of the end date of your trip and we can only discount up to £500 from the motorhome purchase - more than enough to cover a weekends tester.

You can Visit Motorhome Holiday Company by clicking below.