Prepare yoru motorhome for winter

Prepare Your Motorhome for Winter

Getting your motorhome ready for winter can be something that’s easily forgotten, worried about or discussed at length!

We at MHC Motorhomes believe it’s something that should be planned and carried out diligently.  The price of not doing so can be high.

In order to prepare your motorhome (or caravan) for winter there are some very simple and easy tasks that should be carried out.

Failure to prepare your motorhome for winter can result in some big bills.  These can include costs to repair or replace items such as taps, windows, pipework, pipe joints and even the boiler.  Taps can ‘burst’ in a deep freeze. Water left in them expands as it freezes causing the tap to literally burst apart. Some motorhome taps can cost hundreds of pounds to replace.  Equally a frozen boiler can split resulting in a bill of thousands of pounds.  A few simple steps and a little time can prevent these costs.

The attached guide is based on our years of experience in getting ready for winter. The main issues tend to be water left in the motorhome, rodents getting into the motorhome and safety and security. Common sense makes up most of the best practice and this guide is a way of being reminded of the important things to do in order to get ready for winter.

Whilst the attached guide is by no means exhaustive it is a great starting point to make sure your motorhome is ready for winter. It’s free to download with our compliments. Please feel free to share it with others and pass it on.

Thank you for your interest and stay warm and dry this winter!

Prepare yoru motorhome for winter



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