Best time to buy a motorhome or leisure vehicle

The best time to buy a motorhome

Buying a motorhome can be a big decision, we definitely understand that. With size, layout, weight and a multitude of other factors to consider, you might not realise another choice that could also be important to you: is there a best time to buy a motorhome?

Yes! Autumn is considered the best time to buy a motorhome or leisure vehicle.

Most things to do with leisure and travel tend to be cheaper or have deals on during the out of season months because sales slow down. When the sun isn’t shining, people tend to think less about their Summer plans as they buckle down for hibernation.
Out of season is typically defined as months between October and March, but can depend on where you’re looking and what you’re looking for.
This means as Summer fades away and Autumn rolls in, the deals often come out for motorhomes and other leisure vehicles, making this the perfect time to hunt around. And this way, you’ll have your four-wheeled home ready to take off for the next Summer adventure.

It’s not only about when, but where!

Motorhome Shows are a great place to start looking for your perfect motorhome and to find a good deal. These run throughout the year, so look ahead and start saving your dates! The NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show is a great one that you’ll usually find us at.

Take advantage of try before you buy

And finally, it’s important to take your time when considering which motorhome is right for you. Think of it as being a second home. No matter how long you’re planning to be away in it, you want it to be your goldilocks: the one that makes you say ahh, this motorhome is just right.

If Autumn and Winter are the best times to buy, then start looking earlier in the year and give yourself the time to explore. Try before you buy schemes are a great way to test which sizes and layouts work for you. Nobody wants the bed that’s too hard or too soft. Read more about our try before you buy offer here.


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